Charlie Locks Facial Solihull

Charlie Locks Facial at Cryo Solihull - Charlie Locks professional products are used to carry out the facial treatment's at Cryo Solihull.  All products used are made from natural ingredients,

SLS and Paraben free and all natural and organic ingredients are none animal derived apart from the moisture cream and complex.

These contain beeswax sourced from ethically sustainable hives.

The products are not tested on animals and are certified to meet strict EU manufacturing regulations.  No palm oil or micro beads are used in any of the Charlie Locks facial products.  Our skin is constantly changing, therefore a Charlie Locks Facial at Cryo Solihull are a great way to look after your facial skin.

Allow 1 Hour  - A skin consultation is carried out on your first appointment.

Price £35.00

You can choose to book your facial as a one-off treatment, or as a monthly treat. Please note no matter which treatment you have at Cryo Solihull whilst your skin will feel fabulous, after just one session.

The maximum results are always achieved when treatments are performed regularly.  The products are available to all clients via Cryo Solihull to purchase for home routine up-keep.

This is a nice relaxing facial treatment it includes the following;

A Double Cleanse, using a cleanser and a gentle eye make-up remover which is made with Roman Chamomile water. Then a spritz of Toner, is applied to the face.  After which a skin Exfoliate, Mask is left on the skin, after removing this a massage is carried out, which includes the scalp and face and neck area.  The Charlie Locks is then finished off with Moisturiser, Serum and an eye cream, is applied.

It is best to book your facial late afternoon or on an evening, so that the skin can gain the most benefit from the Charlie Locks products.

If you have a special event planned please book your facial(s) in advance leading up to the event so that the skin can gain the most benefit from the products.

You may wish to combine these with alternate Cryo Skin facial sessions too.  Both facials benefit the skin on the face.

Regular Charlie Locks facials will help to cleanse your skin by helping it feel more smoother, and look more radiant.  Client's can continue their facial treatment's journey at home by purchasing Charlie Locks professional facial products direct from Cryo Solihull.