Hot Stones Massage Solihull

Hot Stones Massage Solihull is done by using hot stones to massage the body.  The hot stones use a mineral that are made from basalt, a type of rock which is rich in iron this retains the heat.

The heat from the hot stones warms and relaxes the muscles; the warmth of these stones improves circulation and promotes relaxation.  The iron content of the stones allows them to absorb and transmit the heat.  Oil is applied before the stones are used, so the stones can glide easily over the contours of the body.  This allows a highly therapeutic and nurturing effect.

I have completed a 6 day Hot Stone Fusion Massage Comprehensive course with one of the best course's in the UK.  Hot Stones encourage the release of endorphins.  The treatment dilates blood capillaries and boosts the flow of nutrient, rich blood to tight muscles, ligaments and fascia.

At Cryo Solihull a Hot Stone Fusion treatment, is a very popular treatment.  It can help with pain relief.  Stress relief.  Increased joint flexibility.  It can help with decreased muscle spasms and tension.  Heat has long been used to increase blood floe to the affected area.  Better sleep.

Hot Stone Fusion treatment at Cryo Solihull combines the heat of the stones with a variety of massage movement's. This is a more concentrated treatment using the stone's on the area's that need the most attention.

A choice of treatment times are available from 45 Minutes, for a Back, neck and shoulders £38 or a 60 Minutes back of the body Hot Stones massage £47, or for a more concentrated massage or 90 Minutes £67.