Hot Stones Massage is done by using hot stones to massage the body.  The hot stones use a mineral that are made from basalt, a type of rock which is rich in iron this retains the heat.

The heat from the hot stones warms and relaxes the muscles; the warmth of these stones improves circulation and promotes relaxation.

I have completed a 6 day Hot Stone Fusion Massage Comprehensive course with Jing Massage Institute - one of the best course's in the UK.

You can choose to experience a Hot Stone Relaxation Massage or choose from a Hot Stone Fusion treatment.

Hot Stone Fusion treatment combines the heat of the stones with a variety of massage movement's. This is a more concentrated treatment using the stone's on the area's that need the most attention.

A choice of treatment times are available from 45 Minutes, for a Back, neck and shoulders 60 Minutes for a concentrated massage or 90 Minutes for a full body.