Indian Head Massage Solihull

This treatment is an extremely effective therapy.  Which has evolved from traditional techniques practised in India, as part of family rituals for over thousands of years.

Options are 30 minutes £30 or chose from a

45 minutes £45 includes a Cryo head blast the with Kaasen Life Cryo machine.

Please pre-book your Indian Head Massage appointment with Cryo Solihull.  It is best to book this late afternoon or as an evening appointment.  If you want to you can leave the oil in the hair, overnight.  Just cover your pillow with a towel.  And double wash your hair with shampoo in the morning.

This is a lovely treatment to have with a Reflexology session

This treatment involves techniques to the upper shoulders and neck, scalp, face areas.

It can help to enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area.

It is believed that this type of massage works both on a physical and psychological level, ultimately distressing the whole body.

The client is seated in an upright position.  And the Indian Head Massage is carried out on the shoulder blades, working upwards into the shoulders.  Then into the neck area.  Working into all the pressure points with the scalp area.  Finishing off with acupressure points along the face and forehead and eye area.

Indian Head Massage in Solihull works on significant areas of the body.  Especially on the neck and the shoulders area where stress affects major muscle groups.  This kind of massage releases the tensions held here.

The benefits of having an Indian Head Massage treatment it can stimulate the bodies lymphatic system.  The treatment can help with energy levels, and help to reduce stress levels.

It can help to relax the whole body and it also stimulates and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, allowing for the disposal of toxins from the body.  Please drink plenty of water after this treatment.

Please note that oil is used as part of this massage on the scalp and face with Grapeseed oil.  The extra time treatment includes a head Cryo blast which can boost mental health wellbeing.

Cryo Solihull are a member of The Complementary Therapist Association. please let us know in advance if you require a receipt for your health insurance provider.