Indian Head Massage at Cryo Solihull, is an extremely effective therapy that has evolved from traditional techniques practised in India as part of family rituals for over thousands of years.

The treatment involves massage to the upper back, shoulders,  neck, scalp and face. Grapeseed oil is used and the client is seated in an upright position.

Indian Head Massage at Cryo Solihull works on significant areas of the body, especially the neck and the shoulders where stress affects major muscle groups, and this kind of massage releases the tensions held here.

Indian Head Massage at Cryo Solihull relaxes the whole body and it also stimulates and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, allowing for the disposal of toxins from the body.  Please drink plenty of water after this treatment.

Please note that oil is used as part of this massage on the scalp and face (if you have a nut allergy only grapeseed oil will be applied).