Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy – Solihull

Compression Therapy also known as Pressotherapy at Cryo Solihull – works on the Lymphatic Drainage – A 20 minute session with a 10 minute rest session after the treatment.

A full consultation is carried out prior to the treatment session.

Compression therapy is good for water retention and getting the perfect lymphatic drainage, through which accumulated toxins and fat can be eliminated.  Through effective lymphatic drainage, this therapy helps to promote the body’s natural cleansing functions.  The revitalisation and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and re-define the legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen, it help’s you to feel relaxed and more energised.

The stress and strain of modern life has highlighted the role of compression therapy massage as part of an overall beneficial plan for maintaining good health and preventing illness.  Compression therapy is an excellent treatment for dramatically improving lymph, circulation, assisting in drainage harmful toxins out of the body as well as greatly improving the immune system and enabling it to defend itself against forgiven invaders by natural means.  Pressotherapy will also assist with reducing stress relief.

1 Session of Compression at Cryo Solihull 20 Minutes (10 Minutes rest time after session) £30

Benefits of Pressotherapy – Helps to increase and improve lymphatic and blood circulation.  Helps to relieve edema.  Reduces muscle tension.  Reduces everyday stress.  Helps to relieve muscle and joint pains.  It can help with Body Care as it improves the silhouette.  And it also facilitates transcutaneous penetration of topical products.